Doathons bring together diverse participants to advance open — openly and quickly. The event centers around participants (no speakers needed!), and projects (e.g. on Github) where collaboration, discovery and preservation are made easy. Once you’ve got a room booked, you’re free to focus on what matters — attracting awesome participants and helping them work together.

Easy & Fast Impactful Inclusive & Participatory
Confirm a suitable location, and you’re good to go. Programming that works out of the box, with no speakers to arrange. Do the documentation, initial follow up & feedback right on the day. Count your impact in projects, not tweets. Let people learn and network by doing, not listening. We can’t all hack, but we can all do! Bring people together in the room, or online, through open workflows. Stop guessing what your attendees want, just give them space and collaborators to explore it.

The prototype

Our first doathon was born out of a need for an inclusive, easy event that focused on getting things done. Tired of focusing on getting speakers for delivering monologues, and events that leave no trace, we decided to focus on working openly on Github.

See what we did.

Our program

Day 1 Day 2
9-10am: Breakfast 9-10am: Breakfast
10-11am: Introductions & opening 10-12am: Working with occasional lightning talks
11-noon: idea pitches 12-1pm: Lunch
12-1pm: Lunch 1-5pm: Working with occasional lightning talks
1-6pm: Working with occasional lightning talks 5-6pm: Wrap up!

You’re not alone

Like what you see?

We’re gathering resources to help you host a doathon, but we’re not done yet! The idea is inspired by many existing initiatives - where you can get a lot of the information you need!

Check them out: